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Fitness By Greg - 

Commit To Fit!

You Are A Work In Progress

Commit To Fit!

...For The Rest Of Your Life!

Commit To Fit!

   The Fitness By Greg (FBG) method of 'musclecare' involves a six day per week alternating schedule of intense stretching and flexing of (1) 4 specific muscle groups of your body, and (2) 3 specific muscle groups with 20 minutes of cardio-vascular motion, in a given workout session.

   The prescribed rotation order of muscle groups, which alternates your upper and lower (above and below the belt line, by definition) muscles, is specifically designed to work to exhaustion every major muscle group of your body approximately three times per week.

   It is important to know that this 6 day per week regimen is going to create a drain on your physical resources...temporarily, of course.    

   Following a plan limits your focus to scheduled, isolated areas of stress, and provides essential recovery time for each group.    Pre-scheduling the target musclecare groups eliminates the guesswork.  

   Coupled with 1 mandatory rest day (simply meaning no actual workout on that day), the recovery process will in turn cause positive changes to your physique. And, you're sure to like the results!

   The FBG Method is not about quick change, and it's not easy.    The techniques are not what you'll see happening in your local gym and they're not illustrated on a TV commercial or printed in magazines.    They are invented by you, and they just work.   They work at home, at the gym, in a hotel room, virtually anywhere!   For the rest of your life!

                                                                                                   Get the book.   

It's available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book.    Click on any of the distributor links above to order your copy                                                                                                TODAY! 

 Don't wait to begin changing your physique, your physical awareness, and your self-image.   Follow The FBG Method and you will truly improve your personal mobility and physical quality of life...for the rest of your life!

Commit To Fit is the motto to keep you on track to a new you.    

Your journey begins 


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