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"Muscle Care Is My Focus, As It Should Be Yours, As Well!" Greg Greene

   I believe our muscular system holds the key to wellness. Allow me to instill my muscle care philosophy in you, while you learn techniques to improve your fitness, health, and wellness for the rest of your life.   

   It is not easy, but it works!    I use the same programmed rotation of muscle resistance, stretching and flexing, coordinated with timed cardio-respiratory training described in my own workouts, and I have never deviated from it. I am in the best shape of my life, and I am well over sixty!

  Along with appropriate rest and nutrition, it will result in a naturally occurring weight management process for you. 

Here is what you’ll learn to work on:








* Feature: Dynamic physical resistance process program promoting systematic schedule rotation of eight isolated muscle groups (Four above the waist, and four below) with alternating cardio vascular workout sessions. 

   Benefit: Whole body focus with ample resting cycles.  

* Feature: Indvidually self-designed muscle stressing methods. 

   Benefit: Everyone progresses at their own rate and designs their own movements.  

* Feature: Virtually no limits to where workouts can be performed. Gym optional. 

   Benefit: Necessary costs are low to nothing, thus not a consideration.  

* Feature: Program is self-adjustable to varying fitness levels and physical limitations. 

   Benefit: Perfect for any age group and practically any mobility status.  

* Feature: Eight muscle group rotational scheduling

  Benefit: Encompasses entire body 2 - 3 times per week. 

   Welcome to the beginning of a journey – a journey that is going to change how you feel about yourself, how you are viewed by and relate to others.   

   It is a trip along a road to better health and wellness, a better quality of life for yourself and a newly enriched, proud state of mind, a lifestyle changer!  

   All this is possible, because you are finally going to forget the anchors of exercise and nutritional ideology that have held you back, and take your daily journey to fitness along with me.   

   For the rest of your life, you are going to...


There are many reasons that people struggle to get fit.    Here are a few of the stumbling blocks.

  • Some people are simply resigned to being whatever ‘Mother Nature’ has in store for them, and so they do nothing.

  • Some are in denial and just don’t know how unfit they really are. They assess themselves as not needing much to do at all, so they do little or nothing.    

  • Some grasp onto a few catchy, but erroneous, theories about weight loss, dieting and/or exercise physiology, and they work at it for a time until they get frustrated and demoralized, ultimately resigning themselves to either of the two categories above.

  • Some (most, I would say) think that fitness is a destination, not a journey, and that if they do just one thing right they will obtain their perfect body.    But, just what is that ‘one thing’? Trust me, it doesn't exist  

   Do you fit into any of those categories?  

Then, together let’s do something about it. Get my book and start your journey to your best body ever!

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